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Drive CX – Connecting people

We help businesses understand how to create a better experience that drives sales and profits.

Drive CX is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform for hospitality and retail business owners who want to leverage CX insights to build loyalty, improve retention, and grow sales.  It starts with opening up communication between customers, team members, and management.  Then, creating collaboration around how to continually “raise the bar” on both the customer and team experience. Finally, we help businesses understand and action CX insights to get their customers to choose them over their competitors more often.

The Drive CX path is to develop “customer-centric” teams that work together to deliver an amazing customer experience, at all levels in the company from the head office to frontline staff. Drive CX connects managers with their restaurant teams, servers with their customers and customer insights with actions to improve productivity and increase sales.

We use CEM technology to help teams Communicate, Collaborate and Care about each other, their customers and the world! Keeping those values alive is the key to attracting and keeping great team members that keep customers coming back. In the words of Richard Branson, “Look after your employees and they will look after your customers”.

Dale Dubberley

CEO and Founder

Dale Dubberley brings a unique blend of technology retail and restaurant experience to Drive CX. Growing up with a family retail electronics business, she started her career as a systems analyst and technology consultant.  After a trip to Thailand, where she fell in love with Thai food, she opened a chain of Thai restaurants and manufacturing facility in Canada.

Early on, she realized that the path to growth was to “tap into” what customers really wanted and how well her team members were delivering on that. She quickly built a loyal clientele, winning “Best Thai” awards for many years.

Bringing customer, team, marketing and sales trends into a single dashboard, became an “early warning system” for management actions. Problems were identified and resolved quickly, before they impacted the bottom line. Turning CX insights to actions created predictable sales growth of 20% annually and 2-3 x industry average profits.

The Drive CX Team

Client success is our success.

Each member of the Drive CX team shares our core values of communication, collaboration and caring.  We all have “grass roots” business experience and understand how to successfully introduce technology without disrupting what has made the business successful. We understand the challenge of keeping teams engaged and committed to creating an amazing customer experience every day.

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