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Thanks for completing the ROR Questionaire

Your ROR Report is on the way!  If you don't receive, email us at and will make sure you get it. 

Your ROR report ranks the eight elements of highly effective experience and relationship management.  It shows you where you have the biggest opportunities to engage customers and employees to optimize both marketing and operations.  


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Drive CX ROR Score
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Want to skip the demo and just get started?

Get your customers back more often.  Learn how to turn customer feedback into more sales. Click on the button below to take the next step. 

We'd like to show you some tools you can use to  increase your ROR score.

Book a 30 demo of how you can increase customer loyalty, reduce turnover, and increase sales and profits with relationship management. 

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Need Help Growing Sales and Profits with TXM?

Hi, I'm Dale.  I help marketing, operations, and HR managers of retail and hospitality chains, realize financial returns on experience and relationship management.

Book a complimentary 30 minute call to uncover opportunities to increase customer value, reduce employee turnover, and optimize operations with TXM.

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