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Thanks for downloading 10 Strategies to Grow Sales and Profits with TXM!

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Want help implementing growth strategies to increase sales and profits in your company?

Are you leaving money on the table?  
Your growth strategies session will help you find out.


Do you manage operations, marketing or HR in a retail or hospitality chain? 


If so, your Return on Relationships Score will help you uncover where your experience and relationship management is strong. And, where you may be  missing opportunities to increase customer value, retain valuable team members and optimize operations. 

Together, we'll create an action plan for increasing your "Return on Relationships" or ROR™.  Fill in the form to the right to request a 30 minute complimentary growth strategies session.  Uncover opportunities to increase sales and profits in your company.

Book a 30 minute growth strategies session. 

Come away with a personalized action plan for increasing sales and profits with TXM in your company .

Do you know your Return on Relationships Score?


✅   Feel confident customers leave happy

✅   Increase customer return visits and spend

  Attract and keep great people

 Get the best from your frontline staff

  Help managers reach peak performance

 Optimize promos and marketing returns


Need Help Growing Sales and Profits with TXM?

Hi, I'm Dale.  I help VPs of marketing, operations and HR in retail and hospitality chains realize their return on relationships. Create fanatical customer loyalty. Attract and retain valuable employees. Act on insights to optimize operations.

Book a 30 minute discovery call to uncover opportunities in your company .

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