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Northern Lights

The Power
of Connection

At Drive CX , we see a more connected, sustainable, compassionate world largely driven by fundamental shifts in corporate culture.  

Drive CX is an Experience and Relationship Management platform with digital engagement tools that help operations, marketing and HR managers harness the creative, collaborative power of customers and frontline teams.

The cultural shift we need to make globally to resolve problems like climate change, is the same cultural shift that companies need to make to grow and prosper in the face of intense competition and changing consumer and workforce trends.  


Together, we can create a better world – one company at a time.  

Communicate, Collaborate and Innovate. 

Co-workers in an office

Our Vision

2% of revenues go to fund impact organization that manage climate change, clean up the oceans and create a healthy sustainable planet.

Our Mission

To help companies realize their Return on Relationships™ (ROR) by connecting managers with their customers and teams in realtime on the frontlines.


Enabling  communication, collaboration and innovation to create agile operations that adapt easily to change.

Our Values

Communication - We believe in the power of open, honest, compassionate communication. We are willing to have” tough” conversations with the intention of a positive outcome for all.


Collaboration - We accomplish amazing results leveraging the diverse talent of the team. We welcome conflicting points of view as fuel for exceptional outcomes. 


Innovation - We embrace obstacles as opportunities to bring creative solutions to the table.


Caring - We define success by how well we support our customers and colleagues, and how our actions contribute to creating a better world.

Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TXM CEO and founder

Hi I'm Dale.  Growing up in retail and as a founder of restaurant, retail and manufacturing companies, I understand how challenging it can be to keep sales and profits going up.   

As my companies grew, I couldn't be there to keep my finger on the "operational pulse".  I needed to know if my customers and team members were happy.  I wanted to immediately solve problems, before they impacted the bottom line.  I didn’t know if the money I was spending on marketing was actually bringing people in the door.  I needed to find new ways to continually drive growth.


So, I designed a system to communicate with customers, collaborate with my teams, track marketing returns, and receive immediate alerts when problems occured.  As a result, we were able to achieve 2x industry average profits and a 20% growth year over year. 


Drive CX is an experience and relationship management platform that connects restaurant, retail and service managers to their customers and frontline teams in real-time.  Keep valuable customers coming back.  Attract and retain great people.  Deliver exceptional experiences that drive sales and profits. 

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