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Using Mobile Phones

Engage customers, engage teams

Connect with your customers and frontline employees.

Communicate, Collaborate and innovate with customers and teams. 

How do you tap into what customers and frontline employees are saying?


How do you leverage each customer and employee interaction to create brand advocacy?

How do streamline and business processes and get feedback part of every touchpoint?


Make it easy for customers and employees to connect with you on their phones.  Create digital customer communities with one tap opt-in.  Connect team members with their managers and peers. 

Experience Management (XM) and Digital Engagement



Review Management



Personal Action Boards


Marketing ROI Management


API Integrations

Dashboards & Analytics

KPI Alerts & Coaching

Drive CX named by Gartner as thought leader in January 2021 CX report.

Drive CX | Digital Engagement Apps
Engage and grow customer and employee retention

Every customer touchpoint in your business is an opportunity to make a personal, deeper connection that results in fanatical brand loyalty .  Digital engagement apps can simplify  key business processes and build relationships with both customers and teams. 


Find the best ways to connect with your customers and teams in real-time on the frontlines.  The more immediate the communication to the experience, the better the quantity and quality of insights

Build a strong, team culture aligned with your vision, values and goals with onboarding apps.  Find out what your teams know about your customers.  Take regular team pulse checks on the team experience.  Start conversations on how to improve customers and workplace experiences. 

 Personalize communications and send targeted promotions with marketing automation software.  Empower managers with KPI alerts and digital coaching on their phones. 


Digital engagement can create an upward spiral for driving brand loyalty, sales and team productivity. See how that works in the "Digital Engagement Profit Engine" flywheel diagram above. 


Customer Engagement Apps

Delight happy customers. Turn unhappy customers into enthusiasts. Get customers in more often.

Payment Engagement Apps that get customer feedback and loyalty sign up at point of payment, pickup or service delivery.  Invite customers to share good reviews on social. Alert unit managers to poor experiences.


Appointment Booking Management that empower customers to book appointments with follow up communications and feedback after every service.

Curbside and Counter Pick-Up Management that make it easy to text customers and keep them in the loop with feedback after every pickup. 

Customer Review Management that gets all your reviews into one dashboard, automatically responds with "come back offers",  invites customers to join your community, and  connects comments to actions that improve operations. 

Wi-Fi  Signup and Landing Pages use Free Wi-Fi to connect with your customers, build loyalty enrollment and get feedback. ​

Customer Engagement Kiosks that display custom engagement apps with featured products, services and review pages generated in minutes.

Employee Engagement Apps

Communicate, collaborate and innovate with teams. Turn employees into brand advocates. 

Employee Onboarding App that welcomes new employees and aligns them with your vision, values and mission.  Create personal team profiles to build strong digital communities. Streamline HR administration. Get access to all your HR apps from one place. 


Team Engage App that engage teams with pulse checks and communication platforms to connect between customers, managers and their frontline teams. Share customer feedback, get team feedback, share ideas on how to improve your brand experience.


Team Coach Engage teams with pulse checks, employee onboarding and team communication apps.  Provide ongoing performance feedback to unit managers with KPI alerts and personal action boards.  AI generated custom reports and recommended actions to grow brand loyalty, sales and profits. 


Screen Shot 2021-12-07 at 2.23.50 PM.png

Marketing Engagement Apps

Keep customers and teams engaged. Turbo charge marketing  returns.   

Reputation Management that gets all your social reviews into one review management dashboard to respond to customers and flag actions on comments to improve operations.  See how your rating compare to your competitors.  Know how to get and keep customers.


POS Connect that connects sentiment, sales and marketing engagement data in one robust customer CRM. Manage customer contacts and communication permissions. Get feedback after POS transactions.


Marketing ROI Management that  segment customers into buying groups by value, demographic, visit frequency, average spend, loyalty points.

Identify changes in buying behaviours. Tag customers for campaigns designed to increase customers visits and basket size.

Measure marketing ROI by customer, location and campaign. Build your marketing playbook and grow customer lifetime value (CLTV).

Performance Coaching Apps.

Help managers understand how to increase sales, reduce labor costs and build brand loyalty. 

Team Coach sends role based KPI alerts and performance feedback to managers. AI generated action are automatically prioritized on personal action boards.  AI generated custom reporting with natural language processing. 

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