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Turbo Charge your Marketing Returns

Download this template to create your custom Marketing ROI Playbook.

Are you getting the most from every customer interaction

When you have your customers' attention - make it count!

Dale Head shot CEO Drive CX | TXM

As human beings, we all want to be seen, heard and valued.  Your customers are no exception. Every customer interaction is an opportunity to create deeper relationships that result in unshakeable brand loyalty.

So often, companies miss out on leveraging customer feedback loops to directly increase the frequency of customer return visits. 


If you can get customers in one more time per period, or buy one extra item, you can: 


Increase your short term revenue by up to 30%, AND get valuable insights into how to build long term brand affinity and grow wallet share.  

If you are a marketing or operations manager in a retail, restaurant or service chain, I'd like to show you how.  Let's find a time to show you how.  Book a demo with the link below. 

Learn how to predictably influence your customers buying behaviours. 

Marketing ROI Management Analytics

✅   Segment your customers into buying groups
✅   Send real-time responses to your customers without stress.

✅   Increase return visits with "come back offers"
✅   Grow loyalty program enrollment with one-tap opt-in
✅   Promote events, new products and special offers
✅   Immediately resolve problems before you lose customers
✅   Calculate your return on customer feedback engagement
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Marketing ROI Trend going up

Ready to start creating fanatical brand loyalty? 

Click on the button below to start engaging your customers to get more feedback, good reviews and loyalty sign up.

No risk - cancel anytime.
Dale Headshot CEO Drive CX | TXM

​iHi, I'm Dale.  I work with marketing and operations managers to create amazing customer and employee brand experiences that drive sales and profits.   


I have a step by step approach to helping companies realize their ROR™ - "Return on Relationships".  


On the customer side, you will see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, you will have happier, more productive frontline managers and staff that stay longer and become your brand ambassadors.  

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