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Get your Revenue Growth Management Score

If you are a CEO, CRO, Marketing, or Operations manager you need to know this.  

Your Revenue Growth Management score is also your "Return on Relationships" score.  It shows you where your brand 
experience and relationship management is strong. And, what opportunities you may have to get customers back more often,  reduce staff turnover and improve operations efficiencies.  

Do you know your "Return on Relationships"?

Return on Relationship Score (ROR) from Drive CX | TXM

Your "Return on Relationships" score tells you where you are missing opportunities to increase sales and profits with experience and relationship management.

Complete the short questionnaire and we'll send your ROR score and report.  It will show you how to:

✅    Be confident customers leave happy

✅    Increase customer return visits and spend

✅   Attract and keep great people

✅   Get the best from your frontline staff

✅   Help managers reach peak performance

✅   Optimize promos and marketing returns 

What Our Customers Say

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Drive CX has been thought  provoking.  You made us think about how we connect customers and team mates. You opened a world.  

Right Quotations
Left Quotations

We are seeing our vision getting closer to reality because of working with you. 

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Left Quotations

We were looking for a way to get real time consumer feedback. Drive CX had best solution I had ever seen.

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Director of Operations,

Murphy Healthcare

VP Marketing

Murphy Healthcare


Romers' Burger Bar

Grow sales, reduce staff turnover, and improve productivity.   

Bar and line graph with an upward trend

We'd like to invite your to a  30 minute demo, to show you how you can increase sales and profits with experience and relationship management .  We'll show you examples of how you can: 

  • Get valuable insights you need to build brand affinity and grow wallet share

  • Improve frustrating experiences that may be causing you to lose customers and employees.

  • Keep your business top of mind, so customers choose you over your competitors. ​​

  • Leverage customer touchpoints  to get feedback and loyalty signup 

  • Build a strong connected employee community that staff don't want to leave.

  • Engage and empower employees to keep them happy and doing their best   ​

  • Optimize your promotions to increase customer visit frequency and spend.

  • Avoid data overwhelm and take data driven actions to optimize sales and profits. 

Why Drive CX should be your experience management platform.

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Industry average feedback is 2%.  We'll help you get 20% to 45% of your customers telling what they love and what they want you to fix! 

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Segment customers and target promotions to get customers in the door and spending more.  Track your sales lift and marketing ROI.  

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A great customer experience starts with enthusiastic, engaged employees.  Build a workplace culture where employees recommend you to their friends. 

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Get your customer and employee experience, marketing engagement, and sales data in one place.  Get performance benchmarking and KPI alerts by location, employee product. 

Picture of Director of Operations at Murphy Healthcare
VP Marketing at Murphy Healthcare
CEO at Romers Burger Bar
Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TXM CEO and Founder

Hi I'm Dale.  Growing up in retail and as a founder of a restaurant/retail chain, I understand how challenging it can be to keep up with rapidly changing trends and increasing competition for customers and employees. 


Businesses that focus on relationships typically lead their industry. Leveraging experience and relationship management In my own businesses,  I sustained 20% growth with 2 x industry average profits for many years.

Today, I help marketing, operations and HR managers of retail and hospitality do the same with a  step by step approach to experience and relationship management".  

On the customer side, you'll see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, less stressed, more productive frontline managers with high performing staff that stay longer. 


Once you have your ROR score, I'd like to invite you to a 30 minute tour of ways to engage your customers and employees.  We want to help you create fanatical brand loyalty that drives sales and profits in your company! 

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