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✓ Radical brand loyalty that drives sales and profits.

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How to drive profits with digital engagement?


1. Engage Customers
Get and respond to customers feedback with  “come back” offers. Promote good reviews. Build loyalty marketing enrolment
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2. Engage Teams
Get feedback from frontline teams. Resolve problems in real-time. Share ideas on how to improve operations. Know how to attract and keep great staff.
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4. Optimize Performance
AI and analytics generating KPI alerts, performance feedback, prioritized action boards, and digital coaching.
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3. Increase Customer Value (CLTV)
Send personalized marketing offers that increase visits, spend and brand loyalty. Optimize marketing ROI.
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For over 23 years, I’ve been using customer and team insights to create fanatical brand loyalty that drive sales and profits.  Starting with my own retail, restaurant and food distribution businesses to realize 20% growth and up to 3 x industry average profits.

Today, I work with C-level executives of successful chains who want to apply  the principles of Total Experience Management (TXM) to optimize customer value and team productivity.

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