Retail Digital Engagement Applications

In-Store and Curbside Pickup

How do brick and mortar retailers effectively compete with on-line giants?  Building personal connections and a level of service that customers can’t get online. Give them choice about how and when they receive their orders.  Drive in-store traffic to build your brand experience.

Easily manage In-store pickups, increase in-store traffic and reduce delivery costs with a digital pickup order management app.   

  • Receive orders from your POS system
  • Counter, curbside or delivery pickup
  • Text when orders are ready
  • Send text reminders with pickup details
  • Get curbside arrival alerts
  • Let them know you’ll  be right out.
  • Get feedback after every order.

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Customer Feedback and Relationship Management

In a world that is constantly “raising the bar” on the brand experience, how do you compare?  Is your buyer finding what they need?  Is the buying experience easy and intuitive?  How about post sales support – delivery and returns?

Make it easy for customers to share their e-commerce and in-store experiences with you.  Feel confident that you are creating an exceptional brand experiences at every touchpoint.

  • Get customer feedback at payment or pickup
  • Promote good reviews to social sites
  • Send “come back soon” offers
  • Grow loyalty lists and app downloads
  • Alert store managers to poor experiences
  • Flag actions on customer comments
  • Track customer sentiments by associate, product, and store location, district or region
  • Compare ratings with other brands.

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Payment Apps with One Click Loyalty Signup

When you’ve got your customers attention- make it count. Grow loyalty lists at point of payment.  No more paper forms to fill in.  No more delays at checkout while cashiers adds customer contact info.

Keep cash lineups moving and get more customers enrolled with one click loyalty signup.

  • Customer branded payment apps in seconds
  • Loyalty signup offers presented at payment
  • Customer ID with phone & credit card
  • One tap loyalty confirmation
  • Customer autofills contact info on phone
  • Rewards and offers sent out on signup
  • Optional comment card after each visit

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Marketing ROI Management

Increase customer visits, basket and value

Optimize marketing returns and retail sales with targeted marketing campaigns. Segment customers based on their demographics and purchase behaviours. Personalize in-store offers.

Know who your most valuable customers are.  Cross promote retail and pharmacy products and services.

Measure your marketing engagement and manage your marketing ROI by campaign, customer, location, product and channel.

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Employee Onboarding

Reduce HR admin – orient new employees

Welcome and orient new employees to your brand and culture.  Create employee profiles that build a connected community digital community aligned around your vision.  Reduce administrative load by automating payroll forms.   Provide a single access point to all of your employee facing applications.

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Employee Feedback and Relationship Management

Communicate, collaborate, innovate to stay competitive.

Give employees a single access  point to all your HR apps on their phones- scheduling, payroll, training and policies.

Help your organization stay agile and responsive. Create a feedback loop with your frontline associates. Find out what customers are saying about their experience with your brand.

Understand what it takes to attract great staff and reduce costly turnover by giving employees a voice.

Help managers stay “tuned in” to their employee sentiment with “Team pulse checks”.

Support team members with accolades and acknowledgement for their ideas and personal contributions.

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Team Coach

Spend less time analyzing dashboards, more time being productive.

Get all your employee personal data, sentiment and productivity data in one place.

Empower your managers to realize their peak performance with KPI alerts, performance feedback and recommended actions.  Feel confident that management attention in directed where it is needed most.

Benchmark KPI against targets, prior periods, brand and industry averages. Improve personal productivity with dynamically prioritized action  boards.

Facilitate inter-departmental collaboration by sharing insights across management silos from a central database.

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