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Full Service Restaurant – Quick Service Restaurant – Hotels

Start with a custom designed, digital comment card that replaces your paper comment card. Collect guest feedback in real-time, or invite guests to review their dining experience on your website, social media sites or with a post-dine email. Create your custom integrated Customer Experience Management solution by gathering all of your existing data and functions into the Drive CX management platform. See how servers, menu items and marketing campaigns compare to location and industry averages.

Full Service Restaurants

Engage your guests while they wait to pay

They can tell you how to improve your operations and what marketing offers would get them back more often. Drive CX makes it easy for guests to share feedback in real-time. Build your brand with guest communities and marketing campaigns. Engage teams in “raising the bar” on your customers’ experience. Improve table turns, server productivity and the customer payment experience with self-serve payment and feedback.

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Quick Service Restaurants

Engage customers while they wait for orders

What are your customers doing while they are waiting for their food? Use that as an opportunity to engage your guests and find out more about what would get them to come in more often. Ask us about our new POS integrated payment and feedback options. Find out what your frontline servers know about your customers and how to improve their productivity.

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Hotels and Resorts

Increase loyalty and referrals

Find out what delights your guests and how to increase patronage. Engage your service staff in sharing their ideas on how to continually improve the guest experience. Make it easy for your guests to get information on local events and special accommodation offer.

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