Retail Solutions

Grocery Retail

Predictable inventory, personalized customer communications, and frictionless digital experiences.  Get more customers using your loyalty programs with “one click” opt-in. 

Make it easy for your customers to get groceries the way they want to.  Promote online ordering with in-store pickup to offset delivery costs. Easily communicate with your customers to manage curbside pickups and deliveries.  Increase customer loyalty and visits by sending personalized offers based on purchase behaviours.

Engage teams to attract, develop and keep great staff.  Find out what your customers are saying to your floor staff and cashiers.  Know who your top performers are and who to promote.  Acknowledge and reward excellence. 

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Home Supplies

How do brick and mortar retailers effectively compete with the online giants?  Building personal connections and a level of services that customers can’t get online.  Give your customers choice about how they do business with you. Drive e-commerce traffic with personalized product offers and in-store traffic with in-store pickup.

In a world that is constantly “raising the bar” on the brand experience, how do you compare?  Is your buyer finding what they need?  Is the buying experience easy and intuitive?  How about post sales support – delivery and returns?

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Fashion Retail

Unify your operations and cross promote e-commerce and in-store sales. Grow loyalty lists at point of payment.  Encourage customers to pickup their online orders at their neighbourhood retail.

Provide virtual digital shopping experiences with frictionless, intuitive checkout. Promote loyalty signup and e-commerce app downloads with one-tap in-store on your payment device.No more delays at checkout while cashiers adds customer contact info.

Empower sales associates to check inventory and order stock transfers. Find out what customers are asking for on the front lines.

Reduce time spent analyzing sales trends with sales and stocking alerts for high and low performing items.

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