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10 Essential Strategies to Grow Sales with Total Experience and Relationship Management (TXM)

# 1 - Ask for feedback at point of payment, pickup or service delivery.


The industry average for customer feedback with traditional methods is 3%.  The more comment cards responses the more opportunities to get customers back with offers. 

You can get up to 45% feedback engagement if you make it easy for guests to communicate at point of payment, pickup or service delivery, or immediately after.  This is when they are most motivated to share their experience. 

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.


# 2 - Respond in real-time to every customers who gives feedback.

Most businesses are too busy to respond to every customer that gives feedback, and focus on resolving complaints.  Negative reviews represent between 2% and 5% of all customer feedback. 


Typically is it the top 20% of your loyal customers that generate 80% of sales. Protect your loyal customer base from competitors.  Make sure all your customers feel appreciated by responding in real-time to their feedback.  Keep your most valuable customers coming back.

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.


# 3 - Use feedback incentives to increase wallet share.

Most of us have a handful of businesses that are “top of mind” when we are making decisions about where to spend our money.  Research tells us that it takes at least five customer visits to form a habit. 


Of customers that provide feedback, 30-35% will click through to redeem a "come back" offer.  Create habitual return visits with feedback incentives like contest entries, gift cards or product promotions.  Get your customers choosing you over your competitors more often and increase your slice of the market share pie.

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.

Join the Drive CX Experience Management (XM) community for innovative ideas, blog posts, discussions and FREE management tools.


# 4 Improve social rankings by sharing good customer reviews.

It costs 7x more to get a new customer than to get an existing customer back. Word of mouth is the most cost effective form of advertising.  Turn your customers into brand advocates that drive customer acquisition. 


Make it easy for customers to share good reviews to their favorite social site with no more than 2 clicks to copy and paste their comments. If you are looking to accelerate your review volume, consider adding a share incentive that if they show you a post, you will provide a gift card for 10% of the value they order. 


# 5 - Grow loyalty lists with "one tap" opt-in after payment.

OpenTable, TripAdvisor, and Yelp generate huge revenues through customer referral and feedback services. Their value is based on the access they have to customer contact lists.  Although they are valuable customer acquisition partners, you want to grow your own brand equity by expanding your your loyal customer lists.

12-25% of customers who provide feedback will sign up for loyalty offers.  Remove all barriers to customers joining your marketing programs with "one-tap" loyalty opt-in.  The more customers in your loyalty community, the greater influence you have on their buying behaviours.


# 6 Raise frontline staff accountability for the customer experience.

Many businesses manage their customer feedback at the head office level. Customers success departments can do "damage control" in terms of customer relationships. It's your frontline teams that "make or break" your customers' experience.


Raise accountability for the excellence by sharing customer ratings and comments. Alert unit managers to poor experiences to solve problems as they happen.  Ask employee what they need for a better customer and workplace  experience that keeps customers coming back. 


# 7 - Turn comments into actions that optimize operations. 

Poor experiences are a direct result of frustrating or disappointing experiences. So often, the focus is on keeping bad reviews off social platforms and managing the brand reputation. Or increasing marketing spend in the face of declining sales.  This can result in losing more customers faster if operations al issues are not fixed. 

Resolve all friction points. Automatically flag actions on customer comments on personal actions boards to improve operations and optimize margins. Feel confident that no operational issues goes unresolved. 


# 8.  - Personalize marketing communications and offers.

The lifetime value of your loyal customers reflects the value of your brand. Customer feedback is your opportunity to understand what your customers love about you.  What changes they would like you to make.  And, ultimately what kind of promotions will resonate and get them in more often and spending more. 

Augment customer feedback with sales data to connect sentiment to products, services and sales.   Segment your customers into groups with similar buying patterns and purchase preferences.  Send personalized offers that are designed to increase customer visit frequency or average basket.  Measure your campaign marketing ROI to understand which promotions work best for each group and marketing channel. 


# 9.  - Acknowledge and reward desirable behaviour on the frontlines. 

Engaged employees are 23% more productive.  So, how do you engage your employees?  As with all relationships, you open up communications.  Express appreciation and show them you have their backs.


Identify desirable behaviours you would like to scale, like  communication, support for team members, exchange of ideas, honest feedback.  Know which employees repeatedly demonstrate those behaviours.  Give kudos and acknowledge your team players and builders.  Reward excellence at the unit team and individual levels. 


# 10  - Take data driven action based on key performance indicators. 

There is a human tendency to do more of what we like and are comfortable doing, and less of what we are not as comfortable with.  Data is driven action lists make sure management attention is directed in the areas it is needed most. Assign scorecards for each management function. These are often "lagging indicators" of financial outcomes.  Identify the "leading indicators" or, what moves the needle on those primary KPI. 

Use the power of AI to analyze, prioritize and generate recommended actions for increasing brand affinity and engagement  in both customer and employees.  The quality of experience and level of engagement will show in topy line revenues and your bottom line. 


​iHi, I'm Dale.  I work with marketing and operations managers to create amazing customer and employee brand experiences that drive sales and profits.   


I have a step by step approach to helping companies realize their ROR™ - "Return on Relationships".  


On the customer side, you will see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, you will have happier, more productive frontline managers and staff that stay longer and become your brand ambassadors.  

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