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Unlock the Secrets of How Jeff Bezos Became a Billionaire

Learn how Amazon turned a loss to a profit in challenging times. And you can too!
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March 29, 2023 


Want to drive business growth? Take a page out of Jeff Bezos' book and be willing to challenge traditional thinking and take bold actions.  Thriving businesses constantly adapt to changing circumstances, customer needs and workplace dynamics. Take inspiration from Jeff Bezos, who famously said, 'What's dangerous is not to evolve.'"  


Amazon's mission is to be the most customer-centric company on earth.  Learn how to build a brand that resonates with your customers, and is so strong, you create fanatical brand loyalty that drives exponential growth.



Unfortunately, if you are thinking that it's become more challenging to survive in business today, you are right.  Take heart that some of the most successful companies, like Amazon, have struggled against seemingly insurmountable odds.  It was those challenges that inspired Jeff Bezos to adopt new strategies, technologies and management systems that propelled Amazon into exponential growth to dominate in their space.

If  you are like most C-Suite executives, you are challenged with ever shrinking margins, intense competition and a revolving door of employee turnover.  Discover how other savvy operations, marketing and HR managers are feeling more confident, that they can overcome these barriers to success. 


In our upcoming webinar we are going to explore some of the strategies mind-set shifts that Jeff Bezos adopted, that you can use to get  your company on an exponential growth track. 

Just for a moment…picture yourself confident that every customer leaves happy.  Your market share is expanding.  It's easy to attract and keep your frontline workers.  You can relax knowing you have an early warning signal for any operational issues.  And, sales & profits are steadily growing. 


Keep that image in mind as you sign up for this webinar Unlock the Secrets of How Jeff Bezos Became a Billionaire - the first in our webinar series on How to Drive Business Growth with Relationship Management


If you are a marketing, operations or HR manager, we’re going to share a management principles that Jeff Bezos used to turn that turned Amazon's loss into a profit in just one year.  We'll share an framework and strategies you can use to: 

  • Stop losing customers to competitors and grow market share

  • Predictably increase customer visit frequency and spend

  • Optimize productivity to serve more customers, with less staff 

  • Slow the revolving door of employee turnover with a culture of engagement

  • Get more sales lift from your promotions, without deep discounts


If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful.

Jeff Bezos


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Meet your moderator

Dale Dubberley 


Dale is a seasoned consultant and entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in growing hospitality, manufacturing, financial management, and retail companies. As the Founder and CEO of Drive CX, Dale partners with business leaders to drive growth through effective relationship and experience management.

With a proven track record of delivering above-average growth and profits, Dale is a results-driven leader who leverages digital engagement on the front lines to achieve above average financial outcomes. She is passionate about fostering a collaborative and innovative culture with both customers and frontline teams, recognizing the powerful impact it has on growing sales and profits.

Today, she offers C-Suite executives in retail, hospitality and service chains implement a technology framework for systematically growing sales and profits with experience and relationship management.  Operations managers of multi-unit chains  sleep better at night, knowing there are no hidden operational issue causing them to lose customers.   Marketing managers are empowered maximize marketing returns, with tools to track sales lift and promotions ROI.  HR managers get the best from their frontline teams, by building a culture of communication and collaboration that attracts and keeps valuable frontline team members. 

"What I have seen over the years,  is that companies that make customer and team relationships their primary focus, typically lead their industry.  They are continuously communicating, collaborating and innovating to deliver amazing customer experiences.  Apple, Disney, LuluLemon, Target and Starbucks are just to name a few. "

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