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Transform Customer Feedback into More Sales

Join us for the 1st of our Webinar Series on

"How to Grow Sales and Profits with Digital Engagement"

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Wednesday Feb 15,  2023

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11:00 AM to 12:00 PM PST
1:00 PM to 2:00 PM CDT
2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EST


In this Webinar, we'll explore answers to the questions . . . 

  • How to transform your payment device into customer value growth machine?

  • How to increase operations ability to quickly Identify and fix problems before they impact the bottom line?

  • Why highly successful  retail and hospitality chains are moving experience management to the front lines? (And, why you should too)


Just for a moment . . .  picture yourself feeling confident that every customer leaves happy. You have an early warning signal for operational issues.  Your feedback management system is bringing customers back more often and increasing their average spend.  You are a rock star!


In this webinar, we'll make that a reality by showing you how to get: 

  • 25-40% of customers telling you why they love you, and what to fix!

  • Up to 150% more customers referring your business.

  • Your marketing lists expanding by 25% with one tap signup.

  • Customer visits and spend by up to 20% with realtime responses to feedback.


Here are a couple of our success stories. 

  • Kelly, CEO of Romer's Burgers - Romers had 38% of their customers giving feedback at point of payment with 25% opting into their "come back" offers.  Kelly told us he learned more about what his customers after one week with realtime feedback, than he did spending $30K with a market research firm. After 3 months, he had over 11,986 reviews over 4 just locations. And, he was able to raise his frontline teams' accountability for delivering exceptional customer experiences.

  • Derek, Director of Operations at Murphys Pharmacies - In the first month of working with us, Derek was able to get 26% of his customers telling him what they loved and what they wanted him to fix. Now he receives "real-time" alerts to problems as they happen, and can direct his management resources to solving them before they negatively impact the bottom line!​ 


Hi I'm Dale.  I understand how challenging it can be to deal with rapidly changing consumer and employee needs, intense competition AND shrinking margins.  As a founder and CEO of retail, restaurant, manufacturing and service companies. I've had my share of sleepless nights!

What I have learned over the years, is that companies that make customer and team relationships their primary focus, typically lead their industry.  Rock star companies like - Apple, Disney, LuluLemon, Target and Starbucks - are to name a few.  They continuously communicate, collaborate and innovate to deliver exceptional customer experiences.


By engaging customers and teams In my own businesses,  I was able to sustain a 20% growth with 2 x industry average profits for many years.

Today, I help marketing, operations and HR managers of successful retail and hospitality chains do the same with a systematic approach to relationship management on the front lines.  

On the customer side, you'll see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, less stressed, more productive unit managers with high performing staff that stay longer. 


It’s time to take a more customer and team centric approach.  Learn new strategies for dealing with escalating competition,  high staff turnover,  and shrinking margins. I hope you join in on our webinars series on "How to Grow Sales and Profits with Digital Engagement. 


Register Now for the 1st webinar -  Turn Customer Feedback intoMore Sales


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