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Turn data into actions that drive growth.

 Are you experiencing data overwhelm?


Is disparate data stored in multiple databases making it hard to see the big picture?


Are you spending too much time reading reports, and not enough time being productive?


It doesn't have to be that hard.   Let TXM technology organize and prioritize your data so you don't have to.  Feel confident that you are taking the actions you need to get the results you want. 

Drive CX | XM Platform

Let Drive CX collect customer, employee, marketing and sales experience and engagement data into one XM platform.  Our digital apps connect with customers and teams to feed powerful experience, engagement and sales data into one XM database. 


Already have engagement apps - no problem.  Our powerful APIs make it easy to  collect and combine data across multiple departments and software applications. 


Let our KPI alerts, recommended actions and custom reporting do the work for you.  Know exactly where to focus your management attention.  Optimize operations to eliminate frustrating customers and employee experiences.

Drive CX | Digital Engagement Apps
Drive CX | TXM Data Platform
Drive CX | XM Platform

Customer Data

Customer Experience

  • Customer happiness, NPS, comments, store experience score, user defined questions. 

Customer Engagement

  • reviews, offers, loyalty status, promotion engagement, app signup

  • sales, # visits, spend, customer value, discounts, items purchased, loyalty points

Employee Data

Employee Experience

  • Employee happiness, NPS, comments, customer experience score, user defined questions. 

Employee Engagement

  • pulse checks, company reviews, team posts, kudos, training

  • sales/hr, productivity scores

Marketing  Data

Marketing Engagement

  • social, email , text engagement

  • promotion/offer engagement

  • loyalty subscribers, loyalty points

Marketing ROI 

  • customer lifetime value, Visit frequency, average spend

  • sales lift, promos redeemed, marketing ROI

Sales Data

  • customer

  • employee

  • location - store, district, region

  • promotion campaign

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