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What is Total Experience Management?

Gartner Total Experience Diagram

Total Experience Management (TXM) is a holistic management approach to delivering extraordinary customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.  

It is the intersect of the customer experience (CX), the employee experience (EX), digital touch points (MX) and product or user experience (UX).  It measures the overall impact of the customer and employee experience on brand advocacy and engagement. 


Gartner's Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021

Total experience management platforms combine customer, team, marketing and sales data into one powerful database.  It is a repository for experience, engagement, and performance data collected from digital engagement and sales applications.


An effective TXM system will help you to:

  • Engage customers at point of payment, pickup or service.

  • Establish trust to get honest feedback from both customers and employees

  • Measure customer satisfaction and brand consistency at every touchpoint

  • Create a workplace culture that attracts and keeps great people.

  • Flag problems or “friction points” with actions and track them to resolution.

  • Enable operations agility to stay ahead of changing consumer and workforce trends.

  • Personalize communications and promotions to targeted groups and measure outcomes.

  • Manage productivity with real-time performance benchmarking and prioritized, data driven actions.

Experience Management (XM) and Digital Engagement

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Review Management

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Personal Action Boards

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Marketing ROI Management

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API Integrations

Dashboards & Analytics

KPI Alerts & Coaching

Drive CX named by Gartner as thought leader in January 2021 CX report.

The result - measurable increases in brand loyalty, customer lifetime value and team productivity.

The goal of TXM is to dissolve communication barriers between departments, head office and unit managers, and customers and the frontline teams that serve them. The result - agile operations that are highly responsive to changing consumer and workplace trends.  Customers, teams  and managers communicate and collaborate to to continually raise the bar on the brand experience.    

Often, when sales decline, companies increase marketing budgets without understanding  how operational issues negatively impact brand engagement and loyalty.  Escalating marketing campaigns in stores that have unresolved problems ultimately end up losing more customers faster.   Successful promotions depend on happy customers and teams.  

Drive CX experience and engagement management platform gathers insights from customers, employees, marketing and sales. Then, turns insights into actions that optimize operations and build brand fanatical loyalty.


Management alerts help unit managers immediately fix operational issues on the frontlines.  Customer feedback is shared at the head office, unit manager and frontline team level. Employees are encouraged to share  their insights and ideas on how to create extraordinary consumer and workplace experiences.


Managers understand what it takes to attract and keep great people that deliver exceptional brand experiences.  They acknowledge successes and  give kudos to scale desirable behaviours.


Personalized communications and promotions delight customers, rather than annoy them.  Marketing experiences are managed by tracking customer engagement, sales lift and promotions ROI, for optimal returns on marketing spend.

Drive CX | TXM Data Platform

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