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Employee Experience and Relationship Management (EX)

Attract, engage and retain great staff.

Get the best from your associates

Corporate culture is being created whether it is intentional or not!  Your customer experience is largely a function of the quality of relationships with your employees. How well are you communicating your brand vision to your teams.  How are you keeping them engaged and excited about your brand vision?  Does it resonate with both your customers and your team members?  

Top 5 Ways to attract and retain great frontline staff


  1. Give them a way to express their ideas on how to make the company better.

  2. Recognize ideas and contributions to the team - reward excellence! 

  3. Condense training to get them on the job quickly with continuous individualized coaching.

  4. Provide opportunities to develop personally that supports them in their personal career goals.

  5. Give them an opportunity to be part of making a positive world impact.

Do you have a revolving door of employee turnover?

A great customer experience starts with engaged, enthusiastic employees.  Frontline employees that continuously deal with upset customers and don't feel valued will leave.  Turnover is expensive!  And, losing well trained staff makes delivering a consistently excellent customer experience challenging. 

Get solutions to these problems and reduce your staff turnover costs!

The Challenge with Employee Experience Management

Reducing employee turnover is perhaps the greatest opportunity companies have for increasing their bottom line.  Why?  

It's not just the cost of recruitment, training and inefficiencies.  it is the impact lost employees have on your customers.  To you customers, your employees are your company.  A familiar face that is no longer there.  A new person who just doesn't "get it" are all factors in your customers brand loyalty.   


Think back to your first customer service job, if you have had one.  Were you excited to be part of a team?  Were you enthusiastic to be there and wanting to do your best? 

Fast forward a month, did that excitement fade.  Did you start to just "show up" for the paycheque.  For most employees in the service industry that would be true. 

Here's some disturbing facts about employees who are disengaged and unhappy:

The Bad News About Unhappy Employees
The Good News About Happy Employees


How to increase employee satisfaction and reduce staff turnover?


Employee involvement is the key to improving the employee workplace experience and an important staff retention strategy.  Increasing employee engagement has a direct link to increasing employee satisfaction.  And, did you know that engaged employees have up to 23% higher employee productivity, than dis-engaged employees.  


Empower staff to help fulfill your companies mission and meet its objectives.   Share customer feedback with team members.  Give employees a voice to give feedback to their managers. 


Encourage employees to exchange ideas about how to improve the quality of your customer and workplace experience.   Recognize  employees for their contributions. 

Build a connected, collaborative and innovative employee culture with employee onboarding and workplace engagement app.  Make peer to peer, and employee to manager communication easy.  

Support team member success with dynamically prioritized, personal action boards that make sure the most important tasks get down first. Acknowledge success and reward the desire-able behaviours you want to scale. 

5 key questions you need to ask about your employee management systems:


  1. Do you know which employees are bringing customers back, or driving them away? 

  2. Are you asking your teams what they need to stay with you? 

  3. Can you "tap into" what your frontline teams know about your customers?

  4. Are you employees showing up to collect a pay check, or do they really care?

  5. Are your associates telling their friend you are a great place to work? 

The Employee Experience Management Solution

The key to overcoming HR challenges is to engage employees in a way that they feel valued and heard.  Give them an opportunity to make a contribution.  Make it safe to give feedback.  Let them see that their ideas matter.   Here's some best practices: 

✅  Build community - make it easy for employees to connect with their peers

✅  Know what motivates them - keep their personal goals aligned with your company

✅  Share customer feedback - raise accountability for brand experience excellence

✅  Encourage initiative - acknowledge and reward behaviors you want more of

✅ Support growth with personalized training and AI managed coaching

✅ Create a flow of communication from the frontlines to the CEO

✅  Make it a safe and respectful workplace that encourages communication 

Reduce your staff turnover costs and increase store productivity!

Employee feedback, coaching and performance management in one team app!

Drive CX | TXM Employee Experience Management Analytics
Team communication app employee profile and action board | Drive CX | TXM
An essential part of building your employee community and increasing retention is your onboarding systems.  Streamline your employee onboarding process and create community.  Get employees excited about working with you from Day 1. 

1.  Get new employees seamlessly into your HR systems

2. Create a team profile that introduces them to their peers

3. Align them to your company vision, values and goals

4. Welcome them to your team and point them to next steps.  

Build community and turn employees into brand ambassadors

Care for your employees and they'll care for your customers.  Employee onboarding is a pivotal opportunity to welcome and orient new employees to your company mission, vision and values. 

Get on the right track by building a community profile your can share with peers, and communicating what your company stands for, and and how they are part of something bigger than just a position and a pay-check. 

Reduce HR administrative load by automatically presenting payroll forms for e-signature. Provide easy access to schedules, time-clock, commonly accessed HR links, sustainability and community initiatives from your employee engagement app.

Tune into your workplace culture with regular employee “pulse checks” and E-NPS surveys.  Get employee sentiment, engagement and performance data into one employee relationship management profile. 


Share ideas on how to improve both the customer and team experiences.  Learn what's important to your employees.  Understand how to get and keep great team members.

Find out more about engaging teams with EX

  • Engage employees and increase staff retention.

  • Optimize operations with employee feedback

  • Turn employees into brand advocates. 

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