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What is Revenue Growth Management Platform?

A Revenue Growth Management (RGM) platform is designed to support Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) in driving sustainable and profitable growth. It integrates customer service, customer experience, employee experience, marketing ROI, and performance management into one powerful solution.


A revenue growth manager (CRO) drives brand growth strategy using digital engagement and AI to manage the brand experience in realtime and identify actions to maximize sales and profits. 


An effective Revenue Growth Management (RGM) system provides answers to critical business questions such as:

  • What draws customers to our brand, and how can we deliver more of what they want?

  • What stops them from doing business with us and how can we fix that?

  • How to optimize product margins and customer lifetime value with personalized marketing?

  • What are the most impactful actions to improve operations efficacy, sales and margins?

  • How to build on our competitive advantage with innovation to achieve market domination?

Digital Engagement + AI Driven Performance Management

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Review Management

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Personal Action Boards

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Marketing ROI Management

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API Integrations

Dashboards & Analytics

AI Alerts & Coaching

Drive CX named by Gartner as thought leader in January 2021 CX report.

Drive CX | Experience Management Platform (XM)

Our database gets all your customer, employee, marketing and sales data in one place. 

Customer Experience and Relationship Management (CX/CRM)

Make it easy for customers to tell you what they think.


Feel confident you are delivering the  products, service and brand experience they want.

Employee Experience and Relationship Management (EX/ERM)

Alert managers to poor experiences in real-time.


Flag action to  immediately solve problems, before they impact the bottom line. 

Marketing Relationship and ROI Management 

Segment customers into buying groups. 

Personalize marketing communications to increase customer visits and spend. 

Performance Alerts and  KPI Management 

Track key performance indicators by role. 

Make recommendations to build brand loyalty, increase sales and optimize operating margins.  

Drive CX experience and engagement management platform gathers insights from customers, employees, marketing and sales. Then, turns insights into actions that optimize operations and build brand fanatical loyalty.


An effective Brand Management platform will help you to:

  • Deliver exceptional customer service at a lower staffing cost

  • Engage customers at point of payment, pickup or service.

  • Establish trust to get honest feedback from both customers and employees

  • Measure customer satisfaction and brand consistency at every touchpoint

  • Create a workplace culture that attracts and keeps great people.

  • Flag problems or “friction points” with actions and track them to resolution.

  • Enable operations agility to stay ahead of changing consumer and workforce trends.

  • Personalize communications and promotions to targeted groups and measure outcomes.

  • Manage productivity with performance benchmarking and data driven actions.

  • Make the right decisions to strengthen your brand power!

Drive CX | Digital Engagement Apps

Our digital apps to connect  you with customers and teams in real-time on the frontlines. 

Our job?

Empower teams to create amazing customer experiences. 

Your  job?

Watch your sales and profits grow.

 “A 5% increase in customer retention can result in up to a 95% increase in profits.” (Bain & Co)
“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple.” (Richard Branson)

Let’s Work Together

Let's explore how TXM can drive sales and profits in your business. 

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