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FAQs: Our most commonly asked questions

What is Return on Relationships (ROR)?

ROR is a powerful coefficient that assesses the effectiveness of relationship management in driving organizational growth. Your ROR score encompasses the quality of the brand experience and level of engagement for both customers and teams.

What is Total Experience Management?

Total Experience Management (TXM) is a holistic management approach to delivering extraordinary customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.  

It is the intersect of the customer experience (CX), the employee experience (EX), digital touch points (MX) and product or user experience (UX).  It measures the overall impact of the customer and employee experience on brand advocacy and engagement. 

What are Agile Operations?

Agile Operations is an operations management system that uses digital engagement with customers and teams to identify and adapt to changing consumer and workplace market trends.   It typically requires a "bottom up" approach to management driven by communication, collaboration and innovation on the frontlines.  Head office becomes a support function that enables store level management. 

Questions about the Drive CX | TXM platform

Is Drive CX Lite really FREE?

Yes, you can create a custom branded comment card link for free, and use it anywhere you want. It includes up to 500 comment cards at no additional cost. After that, there is a nominal fee of $.08 per comment card, if you stay on the $0 /month subscription plan. 

To realize the full power of Drive CX we recommend upgrading from FREE to Customer Connect. With that level, you can automatically respond to your customers with "come back" offers. Invite customers to share good reviews on social sites.  Stream live 5 star reviews to your website. Alert managers to solve problems in real-time with flags on their personal action board.


All these features the cost is $49/mo per location. If you can keep just one more customer from leaving, or increase your average frequency of visit by one more time per month, you will have more than covered the monthly subscriptionr costs. 

Can I ask my customers for feedback on my payment device?

Yes, for this you need a minimum subscription level of Drive CX Pro, which includes Customer Connect.

We work payment acquirers' and device manufacturers to provide our app on their payment devices, like Ingenico and Clover.   If you want to present "come back" offers and send your customers comment cards from your payment device, the cost is an additional $9/device.  

Can Drive CX connect to my POS?

Absolutely.  Drive CX is an API based experience management platform that has all the connection point for your POS provider. , The power of connecting your POS, is you can automatically text review requests after every transaction. You can setup rules that only ask customers for feedback, if they haven't given a review in the last 30 days, for example. 

Once your POS system is connected to Drive CX, you can start to see how customer engagement, brand loyalty and customer happiness is impacting sales.   

How many customers typically give feedback?

Asking for feedback at checkout typically gets between 25% and 38% of customers giving feedback.  Compare this to the industry average of 2%, and you can see the opportunities to get a really good understanding of how to increase return visits.

How does Drive CX help me grow market share? 

There are 4 ways Drive CX helps companies grow market share.  Everybody who gets feedback can receive a "come back" offer that gets them back in the door.  Unit managers can solve problems as they happen, so you don't lose customers.  You can invite customers to share good reviews and live stream 5 star reviews on your website.  You can get customers onto your marketing lists with one tap on your payment device or after feedback, so you can communicate to stay "top of mind". 

Drive CX experience and engagement management platform gathers insights from customers, employees, marketing and sales. Then, turns insights into actions that optimize operations and build brand fanatical loyalty.   This results in "Word of Mouth Referrals" that create a ground swell of growth.

How does Drive CX create more agile operations? 

Our software solutions helps companies move their experience and relationship management from the head office to the front lines, where the experiences are created.    Unit managers can easily share customer information with their teams and get their ideas on how to create both a better customer and workplace experience.

Data is gathered from customers, employees, marketing and sales into one platform for a "birds eye" view of the organization. Unit managers get feedback on how to improve their performance.  Head Office teams can benchmark performance by employee, location, region, product, promotion. 


Drive CX alerts managers to performance issues, so they know exactly what actions to take to increase sales and profits.  Performance insights are flagged as actions that can be taken to optimize operations.  

What else does Drive CX do? 

Drive CX is an experience and relationship management platform that helps companies better understand how to retain their customers and teams. Our digital engagement apps gather insights in realtime on the frontlines.   For more information on what apps we provide, see our pricing page.


Our APIs, help "connect the dots" between your software, so you can get more value from your tech stack.  We can make your tech stack easier to access from one employee app, connect functionality with semi and full integrations, and get all your data in one place.  In some cases, we can eliminate redundancies to optimize returns on the cost of technology. 


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Relationship Management Audits and Digital Engagement Project Planning services. 

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Drive CX named by Gartner as thought leader in January 2021 CX report.

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