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Find out more about increasing customer loyalty with CX

  • Build customer brand loyalty and retention.

  • Grow loyalty enrolment and engagement 

  • Turn customers into fanatical brand advocates. 

Customer Experience and Relationship Management (CX) 

Tune into what your customers are saying

Increase visits, spend and customer lifetime value.

Are you losing customers to competitors?

Is Amazon eating your lunch? Do your customers sometimes have disappointing experiences?  Perhaps they didn't get a warm welcome, or couldn't find anyone to help them.  Maybe the item they came in for was out of stock.  Or, they walked out due to long checkout lines. Perhaps ordering online was frustrating. Hidden operational issues could be costing you sales.

Get solutions to these problems and Increase Customer Life-time Value!

5 key questions you need to ask about your customers experience management:


  1. Do you know when you lose a customer to your competitors?

  2. Are hidden operational issues costing you sales?

  3. Are poor social reviews discouraging new customers from choosing your brand?

  4. Are you getting enough feedback to really understand you brand power? 

  5. Can you leverage feedback as an opportunity to increase return visits? 

The Challenge with Customer Experience Management

Even some of the most successful brands have an average social ranking of 2.5.   Why? 

That's because as human beings we are highly motivated to communicate by emotion.  A customer who has a bad experience is driven by their negative emotions to post a poor review.  Whereas, a customer who has a good experience is not.   

Often it is less than 1 in 1,000 customers served that are leaving reviews and negatively impacting the brand reputation.  That's demoralizing for the retail associates who work hard to create a great customer service.


The problem for marketing managers is it deters new customers from choosing you when making their buying decision. The problem for operations managers is they don't have enough feedback to get a good understanding of what their customers love about their brand, and what to fix!

And, for those customers who give bad reviews, there are some disturbing facts: 

The Bad News About Unhappy Customers
The Customer Experience Management Solution

The key to overcoming CX challenges is to leverage customer emotions in the moment, and make it really easy to give feedback.  Here's some best practices: 

✅  Connect with your customers in real-time after checkout, order pickup or customer service

✅  Incentivize customers to leave feedback with "come back" offers

✅  Offer one tap loyalty rewards enrolment after opt-in

✅ Send manager alerts to solve problems before they impact sales

✅ Use payment terminals and devices and advertising opportunities 

✅ Attract new customers by live streaming 5 star reviews on your website

The Good News About Happy Customers

Want help getting these results? 

1 in 5


Giving Reviews


5 Star



Higher NPS



More Loyalty


Click the button below and learn how to turn customer feedback into more sales.

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Boost Your Bottom Line: Tips for Improving Productivity and Customer Service in Retail

As a VP of Operations in retail, you may be grappling with the challenge of maintaining exceptional customer service in the face of high associate turnover, escalating labor costs and staff shortages.  

✅  Ask for feedback after every customer service interaction
✅  Make it easy for customers to find items with QR code access to self-service
Direct connect customers to the right associate
✅  Take the load off your customer service desk
✅  Empower your associates to get more done in a day

Keep customers coming back by acting on feedback 

See customer sentiment, communication, marketing engagement and sales data in one customer experience and relationship management profile.

Request customer feedback at point of payment or pickup.  Track customer satisfaction with review ratings and brand affinity with NPS scores. Alert managers to  poor reviews to solve problems before they impact the bottom line.

View and respond to comment cards and social reviews from one customer feedback management dashboard.  Promote good reviews.  Thanks customers with “come back offers”. Grow loyalty enrolment with “one-click” opt-in. 

Understand how to use brand experience management to delver a consistent brand experience that drives loyalty across the organization.   

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