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Tune into what your customers are saying

Customer Experience and Relationship Management (CXM) 

Increase visits, spend and lifetime value.

Are frustrating experiences costing you customers?

Wondering why some new customers don't return?

Are you ready to listen to what your customers want to tell you? 


Make it easy for customers to tell you what they really think. Use customer feedback as a touchpoint for building more brand loyalty.  Feel confident that every customer leaves happy.   

Customer Experience Management | Drive CX | TXM
Customer Feedback | Drive CX | TXM



NPS Score










Want help getting these results? 

Click the button below and learn how to turn customer feedback into more sales.

Keep customers coming back by acting on feedback 

See customer sentiment, communication, marketing engagement and sales data in one customer experience and relationship management profile.

Request customer feedback at point of payment or pickup.  Track customer satisfaction with review ratings and brand affinity with NPS scores. Alert managers to  poor reviews to solve problems before they impact the bottom line.

View and respond to comment cards and social reviews from one customer feedback management dashboard.  Promote good reviews.  Thanks customers with “come back offers”. Grow loyalty enrolment with “one-click” opt-in. 

Understand how to use brand experience management to delver a consistent brand experience that drives loyalty across the organization.   

Find out more about increasing customer loyalty with CX

  • Build customer brand loyalty and retention.

  • Grow loyalty enrolment and engagement 

  • Turn customers into fanatical brand advocates. 

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