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AI-Driven Revenue Growth Management Toolkit for Retail CROs and Growth Managers

All-in-One, Plug-and-Play Platform with Digital Engagement, Real-Time Experience Management, Personalized Marketing & Performance Alerts

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Drive CX named by Gartner as a thought leader for connecting companies to their customers and teams in real-time on the frontlines. 

Are you asking yourself, how can I . . .  

Increase customer return visits?

Serve more customers at a lower staff cost?

Reduce store staff turnover costs?

Optimize operations for higher margins

Get more sales from promotions with less discounting? 

Leverage AI to increase sales and profits? 

We don't charge for software - we charge for results!

​We'll set goals together, if we don't achieve them together, you don't pay


At Drive CX, we understand the challenges of being a retailer. Competing with giants like Amazon, and dealing with supply chain issues, high turnover, and escalating costs.  


Retailers need to constantly innovate to stay profitable!

We give growth managers instant access to the digital apps and AI driven insights they need to deliver sustainable growth in loyalty, sales and profits.


Store managers get real-time feedback from customers and team members on the frontlines, so they can fix problems before they lose sales and customers.  


Marketing managers can automatically send personalized promotions that boost sales without deep discounting.  


HR managers get insights into how to attract, train and keep great people with a team app that opens conversations about how to create amazing customer and workplace experiences.


Operations managers get AI driven performance alerts with recommended actions so they don’t have to spend hours analyzing data.

5 Powerful Steps to Drive Revenue Growth

Step 1



Create a winning brand strategy. Plan HOW to put the WOW in your brand experience.


Step 2


Grow brand loyalty with realtime feedback, "come back" offers and one-tap loyalty signup. 


Step 3


Solve problems before you lose customers. Engage teams in an exceptional brand experience.


Step 4


Create highly effective personalized promotions that maximize sales and minimize discounts. 


Step 5


Harness the power of AI with performance alerts and recommended actions for driving brand growth. 

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Unlock the Secrets of Exponential Retail Growth

Learn how the top 1% of brands create breakthrough experiences that drive exponential growth. 


This book is your step by step for how to create a retail brand so strong, you'll never have to worry about competitors “eating your lunch” again.


If you are a forward thinking CEO, CRO or other growth minded C-suite executive seeking innovative strategies to stay ahead of competitors and drive sustainable growth in a changing market, this is for you.

Leverage a transformative leadership style to build fanatical brand loyalty and a strong connected company culture. Align your teams and feel 100% confident in your strategic decisions.

Mockup Best Seller RRG Version 11.png


If you know of someone who could benefit from this book 

please send them this link. 

We're proud of our numbers



NPS Scores


More 5 Star



Higher Offer



More Loyalty


Up to 23%

Higher Team Productivity

Here's what our clients say . . . 


There is lots of experience management software out there. So why us? 


What Makes Us Different

  • Plug-and-Play Platform:  Our user-friendly platform is modular so you can use what you need today to build your growth management flywheel step by step, as you are ready.  ​

  • Fast access to Cutting Edge Technology: You could spend a couple of years and spend a lot to build out your own growth tools, or you can leapfrog ahead of your competitors and start realizing growth almost overnight. 

  • Customizable Applications: Our low-code, no code customization means that your growth solution is unique to you, without expensive custom coding.

  • Easy to Implement: It's as easy as "drag and drop" 2 images, choose your offers and select your questions to get one in four customers giving feedback at point of payment, product pickup or service interaction. 

  • Comprehensive Growth Solutions:  Eliminate software redundancies and get more from your technology spend with real-time customer feedback,  employee engagement, marketing personalization and AI assisted performance in one growth management system. 


  • Harness the Full Power of AI: Get all of your growth management data in one place so managers don't have to spend hours analyzing reports from different sources. Leverage AI-Driven Insights to gain deep insights into customer behavior, improve team engagement, develop winning marketing strategies and grow sales and margins.


  • Integrated Communications: Break down communications barriers between customer and teams, across management silos and between head office and the front lines.  Ensure seamless communication across your organization.

  • Pro-active Focus on Growth: We provide tools to anticipate and address issues before they impact your sales, margins, and market share. Don't let your competitors get their growth flywheel spinning before you do!

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 6.09.44 PM.png

Ask yourself these questions 

 Do you know why your customers chose your brand over others?


 Can you say with 100% confidence that every customer leaves happy?

 Are you getting the best from your employees, or are they just "showing up"?

 Do your promotions predictably increase sales without excessive discounts?

 Do your managers feel empowered with performance management tools?

If you answer is a resounding YES!  Congratulations, you are fully realizing your return on relationships.


If not, we can help you with a step by step approach to achieving increased customer lifetime value, reduced employee turnover and more efficient operations. 

Complete a short questionnaire to calculate your ROR score.  You'll get a report that shows you where your relationship management is strong and what opportunities you may be missing to strengthen brand loyalty and grow sales and profits. 

Assess your Revenue Growth Management effectiveness with your "Return on Relationships Score" and report.

What does our revenue growth toolkit include? 

  • On-Line Order Pickup Management: To alert customers when their orders are ready and alert order pickup desks when customers arrive.

  • Customer Service Communications Management: Serve more customers with self-serve options to find products in stores and connect with department associates that are available to help. 

  • Realtime Feedback: Email or text 2 question surveys after checkout, customer service or product pickup with "come back" offers and product or event advertisements. 

  •  Store Manager Alerts: Text store managers when there is a customer service or operations issue before you lose customers and sales. gives you brand insights you need to build loyalty and sales.  

  • Team Communication App: Find out what your frontline teams know about your customers an operations. Engage them in improving productivity and turn them into brand ambassadors.

  • Personalized Marketing: Automatically segment customers into buying groups and send highly targeted offers to get more sales with less discounting with higher promotion ROI.

  • AI Driven Performance Coaching: Optimize operations by spotting problems, delivering more of what your customers and improving productivity with dynamic "intelligent" team training.

Realize your "Return on Relationships" (ROR)
by connecting with your customers and teams on the frontlines

Revenue Growth Management Growth Flywheel

1. Connect with Customers

Get feedback in real-time. Send “come back” offers to increase return visits.  Promote good reviews. Build loyalty marketing enrolment

Learn more about 
Customer Experience Management
2. Engage Employees

Resolve problems as they happen.
Know how to attract and keep great staff. Engage teams in creating amazing experiences.

Learn more about
Employee Experience Management

Communicate, Collaborate, Innovate

Total Experience Management | Drive CX | TXM

Drive CX is a Revenue Growth Management Platform with experience management tools that help you:


  • Keep customers choosing you over your competitors by acting on customer and employee feedback in real-time.  ​

  • Improve staff retention by engaging frontline teams and turning them into brand ambassadors.   

  • Increase customer visit frequency with realtime offers at point of payment and personalized promotions.

  • Optimize operations and margins with team performance benchmarking, digital coaching and team productivity tools. 

Remove communication barriers between department managers, unit managers and frontline workers. 
Let us show you how you can grow sales and profits with digital engagement and AI
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