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Get a Demo of How to Optimize Your Marketing ROI

We're excited to show you how to increase customer visits and spend with targeted, personalized promotions. 

Customer Segmentation and Marketing Analytics | TXM
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In this demo, we'll show you how to:  

✅   Segment your customers based on their buying behaviour
✅   Set targets for increasing customer visits and spend

✅   Create promotions designed to achieve desired outcomes
✅   Track sales lift and marketing ROI for each promotion
✅   Build your unique marketing ROI management playbook 
✅    Predictably  grow customer lifetime value.

Book your demo now!  Discover how to predictably influence buying behaviour.

Learn how to turbo charge your marketing returns.

Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TXM CEO and founder

Need Help Growing Sales and Profits with TXM?

Hi, I'm Dale.  I help marketing, operations, and HR managers of retail and hospitality chains realize financial returns on experience and relationship management.

Book a complimentary 30 minute call to uncover opportunities to increase customer value, reduce employee turnover, and optimize operations.

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