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Engage Teams for Productivity Gains



How much could team engagement add to your bottom line?

7 Steps to Increase Team Productivity

Below are 7 steps you can take to increase team productivity and reduce turnover by engaging your frontline employees.  

  1. Begin with anonymous feedback to make it safe
  2. Thank employees for all feedback, good or bad
  3. Take individual "team pulse checks" or quick surveys each week 
  4. Create a public post board to share and comment on ideas
  5. Call out good ideas, acknowledge and implement suggestions
  6. Acknowledge desirable behaviours that strengthen the team.
  7. Now that you have built a culture of collaboration, change to non-anonymous feedback.

Get your Team Engage Blueprint template to reduce turnover and increase productivity.

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Are you getting the most from your front line team members?

Engaged, happy employees are 23% more productive

So often, companies miss out on leveraging team feedback to optimize their operations

and build brand ambassadors.  


If you can get your store teams committed to customer service excellence: 

You can decrease employee turnover AND get valuable insights into how to build brand loyalty.  

If you are a human resources or operations manager in a retail, restaurant or service chain, I'd like to help you build a team culture of collaboration.  Let's find a time to explore the tools. 

Book a demo with the link below. 

Build Team Collaboration app FREE for 30 Days


✅   Create team member profiles to build community
✅   Connect team members with easy communications

✅   Take regular "team pulse checks" to check team happiness 
✅   Provide team post boards to share ideas building loyalty
✅   Get notifications of team communications and action items
✅   Personal, dynamically prioritized action boards 
✅   Reduce employee turnover and optimize productivity.

Try our team app FREE for 30 days - No risk - cancel anytime 

Need Help Building a Team Collaborative Culture?

We know your busy and don't always have time to execute. 
For a limited time, we are taking applications for complimentary setup of automated employee onboarding and your team app.  

We guarantee your satisfaction with our software and services.  You have 30 days to try  Drive CX customer experience and relationship management software.  
If you are not impressed, you can cancel at anytime.  All we ask for is feedback. 


Decrease in Employee Turnover




up to 23%



up to 150%

Increase in Customer and Employee NPS

We want to see you get these results! 

Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TM CEO and founder

​iHi, I'm Dale.  I work with marketing and operations managers to create amazing customer and employee brand experiences that drive sales and profits.   


Our step by step approach helps companies to fully realize their ROR™ - "Return on Relationships".  


On the customer side, you will see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, you will have happier, more productive frontline managers and staff that stay longer and become your brand ambassadors.  

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