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Turn Customer Feedback into More Sales 

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How much could you grow sales with more customer engagement

7 Steps to Increase Return Visits with Customer Feedback.

Below are 7 steps you can take to increase customer engagement with your brand by leveraging customer feedback loops.  

  1. Ask for feedback at every customer touchpoint.
  2. Brand your request for feedback
  3. Add feedback incentives and "come back offers".
  4. Add one-tap loyalty signup after feedback.
  5. Leave customers with a reason to come back.
  6. Respond in real-time with rating based responses.
  7. Invite customers with high ratings to share on social.

Download your detailed guide and template to design your customer feedback flows and increase customer return visits.

Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TXM CEO and Founder

Are you getting the most from every customer interaction?

When you have your customers' attention - make it count!

So often, companies miss out on leveraging customer feedback loops to directly increase the frequency of customer return visits. 


If you can get customers in one more time per period, or buy one extra item, you can: 

Increase your short term revenue by up to 30%, AND get valuable insights into how to build long term brand affinity and grow wallet share.  

If you are a marketing or operations manager in a retail, restaurant or service chain, I'd like to show you how.  Let's find a time to show you how.  Book a demo with the link below. 

Customer Feedback with Loyalty Engagement FREE for 30 Days

Drive CX | TXM Comment card and Review ratings on phone

✅   Get more great reviews on social sites
✅   Send real-time customer responses

✅   Increase visits with "come back offers"
✅   One-tap loyalty program opt-in
✅   Promote events, products and specials
✅   Solve problems as they happen
✅   Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Try FREE for 30 days - No Risk - Cancel anytime.  Your digital comment card is free to keep even after you cancel. 

No risk - cancel anytime - keep your FREE custom comment card

Need Help Turning your Comment Cards to Cash?

We know your busy and don't always have time to execute. 
Signup today - we'll take care of the rest. 
For a limited time, we'll design and implement a custom branded customer feedback flow that includes customer engagement for your company. 

We guarantee your satisfaction with our software and services.  You have 30 days to try  Drive CX customer experience and relationship management.  We'll do all the setup. 
If you are not impressed, you can cancel at anytime.  All we ask for is feedback. 



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We want to see you get these results? 

Dale's Headshot Drive CX | TM CEO and founder

​iHi, I'm Dale.  I work with marketing and operations managers to create amazing customer and employee brand experiences that drive sales and profits.   


Our step by step approach helps companies to fully realize their ROR™ - "Return on Relationships".  


On the customer side, you will see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, you will have happier, more productive frontline managers and staff that stay longer and become your brand ambassadors.  

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