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Help Your Employees Reach Peak Performance

Intelligent Performance Management (AI)

KPI Alerts and Productivity Tools

7 key questions you need to ask about your performance management:


  1. Do your managers have too many reports, with not enough time to read them? 

  2. Is your data "all over the map", making it hard to see the big picture? 

  3. Are your store managers challenged with not knowing what fire to fight first? 

  4. Do they focus on low return actions and avoid uncomfortable high return actions? 

  5. Can you benchmark key performance indicators by store, region, and district? 

  6. Do you have a way of digitally coaching store managers on a daily basis?

  7. Can you dynamically present critical action alerts on your manager's phone? 

Are your able to predict and respond quickly to market trends?

If not, you risk falling behind your competitors and eventually your brand may become irrelevant to your customers.  You don't need to worry about that if you are leveraging AI to recommend actions you can take to improve your brand experience and increase sales and profits. 

Find out how powerful and easy it is for AI assisted KPI management!

Challenges with Performance Management

Most brands have more than a dozen software tools that all generate data and reports independently.  Managers have massive amounts of data available to them.  With deep analytics and custom dashboards, they can tailor reports to track their KPI effectively.


However, nothing takes place in a silo vacuum.  What is not so easily seen is the interrelationships of key performance metrics across multiple silos. 


In the area of brand management, traditional customer experience management focuses on customer surveys.  They use NLP to derive key words and identify insights from feedback .  But customer surveys are just one measure of the brand experience. There are what employees are saying, there is marketing engagement data and feedback from sales data. 

There is a critical need for integrating data across various platforms and breaking down silos to what performance metrics are most impacting brand loyalty, sales and profits.

Here's what's stoping them: 

The Bad News About Performance Management
  1. Inaccessible Data Across Organization: About 30% of organizations report that silos of customer data remain inaccessible across the entire organization, hindering a unified view of customer interactions across touchpoints​​.

  2. Fragmented Customer Data: When customer data is fragmented across multiple systems, it complicates service delivery and management, affecting the overall customer experience and operational efficiency​​.

  3. Reduced Collaboration and Transparency: Data silos significantly reduce collaboration and transparency within teams, creating barriers and decreasing productivity across departments​​.

  4. Increased Operational Costs: The lack of data integration and poor collaboration caused by data silos can lead to increased costs due to inefficiencies and duplicated efforts​​.

  5. Inconsistent Data: Data silos contribute to inconsistent data across the business, making it difficult for managers to rely on the data for accurate decision-making and performance tracking​​.

  6. Poor Brand Experience Management: Traditional customer experience management methods like customer surveys provide limited insights, failing to capture the comprehensive brand experience reflected in employee feedback, marketing engagement data, and sales feedback due to data silos. 

Make smarter business decisions and reach your peak performance!

The key is to effective performance management is having an early warning system for brand experience KPIs that spans across all silos.  Get real time alerts when key performance indicators are trending downwards. Use AI to recommend actions to turn get them heading in the right direction, before they impact your bottom line.


Here's some best practices: 


✅  Find a Brand Management platform that receives all key performance indicators. 

✅  Organize your data based on variance and KPI trends.

✅  Match brand performance KPI to accountabilities by role. 

✅  Determine the relevancy of reporting frequency.

✅  Dynamically prioritize KPI alerts by urgency and time since flagged.

✅  Send alerts with recommended actions on a daily, weekly, quarterly basis to everyone

Turn feedback and performance data into actions that  optimize productivity. 

The key is to efficient, agile operations is an early warning system to key performance indicators that are changing. Then, identifying actions to turn get them heading in the right direction, before they impact your bottom line.


This level of agility is what brands need to stay on top of changing consumer trends and stay relevant. Let AI prioritize your data so you don't have to.  Automatically flag, assign and prioritize actions based on feedback and performance data.


 Know when you're about to lose a high value customer or employee, so you don't have to start at "square one" developing new team members.  Understand who needs coaching and the right training to deliver to underperforming employees. Give your store teams prioritized action boards that keeps them focused on what's the most important thing they can do every day. 

Drive CX | TXM mobile and desktop analytics
Know where to focus management attention to optimize operations

Spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on insights. Optimize employee  productivity with performance feedback, prioritized action boards and digital coaching.  Deliver insights and data driven actions based on KPI accountabilities by role.  

Our XM platform collects customer, employee, sales and marketing information into one place so we can use the magic of AI to alert you to potential problems.  Take actions to fix issues before they impact brand affinity or your bottom line.


Know when you are going to lose a valued customer, so you can send them a personalized offer based on what they buy.  Know when you are about to lose a valued team member and schedule a meeting to find out how to keep them happy and engaged.  


Get alerts to operational issues that may be impacting marketing efficacy.   Perhaps there is an “out of stock” scenario, an employee that is rude, or a frustrating key business operation – like long lineups at checkout.  Get  insights into what promotions work best for customer groups with different buying habits. 

Digitally coach managers with performance benchmarking and recommended actions to optimize productivity. 

Send personalized KPI performance management alerts by role.  Improve productivity with personal performance feedback and dynamically prioritized action  boards. See top and bottom performing employees, products and promotions by locations, districts and regions. 


Tap into customer and frontline employees insights in real time. Share insights between marketing, operations and HR for powerful collaborations and innovative solutions to problems.  

Find out more about optimizing performance with AI:

  • KPI trend management by role

  • Real-time performance alerts on your phone

  • Personal performance feedback and prioritized action boards

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