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Discover your unbeatable "brand power" and create  an unfair competitive advantage that drives growth!

A lot of retailers lay awake at night worried about how to stop Amazon from taking their hard earned market share.  Like "Jack and the Beanstalk" innovative retail brands can build fanatical brand loyalty that drives exponential growth.  Find your path to market domination.  It's achievable step by step.  


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About the Author

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Hi, I'm Dale Dubberley, author and trainer for how retail companies can create an unfair competitive advantage that can result in exponential growth. 


It starts by building deeper, personal connections with customers and teams.  There is both an art and a science to that. If you are interested in exploring that with me, let's find a time to talk!

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Struggling to stay ahead in an ever-evolving retail world?

Feel like Amazon is relentlessly eroding your market share?

Overwhelmed with too many technology options?

Massive shifts towards digital engagement and e-commerce have revolutionized the retail world. Amazon and other leading retailers rode those waves of change to attain market dominance. The top 1% of retail brands continuously leverage technology to strengthen their "brand power" and leave their competitors scrambling to catch up. 


Conversely, many well-established retail brands fail to innovate. Their executives make poor strategic decisions that weaken their brand. They fall too far behind their competitors. The brand declines and ultimately ends in bankruptcy. 

Will you be on top of the next game-changing retail trend?

Is your company resilient enough to not only survive, but lead long-term?


This book is about answering that question with a resounding YES. And, making it easy!  With this powerful management growth framework, you can feel 100% confident that the strategic decisions you make are the right ones.

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