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Manage Curbside and Counter Order Pickup

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customer with mask picking up curbside order

Send me the link to my FREE Order Pickup Management app

Are you keeping your customers and employees safe?

Stop customers from congregating around pickup counters.  Keep them in the loop and let them know when their orders are ready. 
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Covid 19 has changed the way we look at health and safety forever.  We have a much greater awareness of our responsibility to keep customers and employees safe. 

I've seen first hand, the impact of not having good systems for managing pickup orders in well know fast food chains as well as pharmacies. 


Customers were waiting to place their orders and pick up their orders.  They didn't know where to stand, how long it would take and who was before them. I could see that they were trying to keep their distance, but there was just too much chaos.  

This didn't reflect well on the brand.  And, it was so easy to fix.

Don't leave your customers wondering how and when they will get their orders.  Keep the lines communications open. Text customers to let them know when orders are ready.  Let them shop or read about your latest products while they wait. Or, text you when they arrive in their cars.

If you are a marketing or operations manager in a retail, restaurant or service chain, I'd like to show you easy it is to manage your pickup orders of all kinds. Book a demo with the link below. 

Easily manage counter and curbside pickup

✅   No more writing names on cups or passing printed orders to your packers
✅   Send orders directly from your POS to your app

✅   Text counter pickup customers when it's their turn to pick up orders       
✅   Text curbside pickup customers when their orders are ready with next steps

✅   Let curbside drivers tell you when they arrive
✅   Send comment cards with loyalty offers after every purchase.
✅   Alert managers to pickup order problems before you lose customers
FREE with Drive CX Pro.  Try it for 30 days - No Risk - Cancel anytime
Your digital comment card is free to keep even after you cancel. 

Ready to start connecting with your customers to manage pickups?

Click on the button below to start engaging your customers to get more feedback, good reviews and loyalty sign up. Then download your FREE order pickup management app from the Google Play store. 

No risk - cancel anytime.
Dale's Headshot CEO of Drive CX | TXM

​iHi, I'm Dale.  I work with marketing and operations managers to create amazing customer and employee brand experiences that drive sales and profits.   


I have a step by step approach to helping companies realize their ROR™ - "Return on Relationships".  


On the customer side, you will see increases in customer satisfaction, visit frequency and spend.  On the employee side, you will have happier, more productive frontline managers and staff that stay longer and become your brand ambassadors.  

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