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Turbo charge your marketing returns

Marketing Experience and ROI Management (MXM)

Personalize promotions and track marketing ROI.

Is it difficult to understand which marketing campaigns increase customer visits and spend?


Are challenged with justifying increases to your marketing budget?


Can you easily show how much each promotion contributes to sales and profits?


Create targeted personalized campaigns and track the change in buying behaviour for each group and each campaign.  Confidently show how much sales lift and net margin each promotion contributes to the bottom line.  Compare your marketing ROI by campaign. 

Marketing analytics | Drive CX | TXM
Increase customer visits, spend and customer lifetime value

Segment customers based on their value, demographics,  purchase behaviours and preferred products.  Send targeted, personalized in-store offers that predictably increase visit frequency and basket size.

Know who your most valuable customers are.  Get lapsed customers back.  Cross promote retail products based on customer purchase preferences.


Track your marketing campaign sales lift and ROI by campaign  customer, location, product and channel.  Understand what marketing campaigns move the needle on customer lifetime value.

Find out more about increasing customer visits and spend:

  • Segment customers based on buying behaviour.

  • Send personalized offers that increase visits and spend

  • Track marketing campaign sales lift and ROI

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