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How Do You Turn Customer Feedback into More Sales?

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

When you have your customers attention - Make it count!

Every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to make a personal, deeper connection that results in fanatical brand loyalty and more sales.

Digital comment cards give you essential insights into your customers experience. They can also be leveraged to improve social rankings, increase customer return visits and grow loyalty enrollment.

Consider these 5 opportunities to increase customer retention, return visits and spend with comment cards:

1. Acknowledge and thank customers with "come back" offers

Most business owners, marketing or customer success managers focus 80% of their time on reputation management. Resolving bad reviews and doing damage control when customers have a bad experience is essential. But, it's the customers that give positive reviews that typically make up 80% of your revenue? And, it costs 7 x more to get a new customer than to keep an existing customer. To protect your valuable customer base from competitors, make sure they feel acknowledged and appreciated. Thank every customer with an immediate rating appropriate response? Include a "come back" offer that gets them in one more time per period and/or increase their average basket size?

2. Invite customers to share good reviews on social

How easy do you make it for your customers to share good reviews on their favorite social site? Can they copy their comments on to social sites in just a couple of clicks? With the right incentives, you can get customer posting many more good reviews. Word of mouth is the most powerful Make this an essential element of your customer acquisition strategy.

3. Act on feedback to improve operations

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than to give feedback and come back again to see that nothing has been done. It's not enough to apologize for bad experiences - you need to turn comments into actions that improve operations. On the flip side, if a customer sees that their ideas have been acted on, they feel like they are part of your company, and become a huge brand advocate!

4. Grow loyalty signup with one-tap opt-in

Your customers are giving you their contact information to receive a "come back" offer. What a great opportunity to ask them to "get special perks" all the time, by joining your loyalty programs. All it takes at that point is "one-tap" to consent. Know you have the opportunity to use feedback and sales history to personalize communications and send targeted offers.

5. Leave your customers with a reason to come back.

The last page of your comment card is an opportunity to advertise new products, events, specials and cross promotions. Keep this page refreshed with new content, so you can see what your customers respond most to. If you are getting an opt-in to receive a comment card on your payment device, this can double as your screensaver.


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