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Radical Retail Growth Resources Tool Kit

You can get to all of the resources in the book from this page.
Let's get value from them step by step!  


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How to Create An Unbeatable Brand:

With an Unfair Competitive Advantage


Brand experience is your brand personality. It creates an emotional connection with your customer.  When you get this right, there is magic. Your brand strategy is your path to market domination and exponential growth

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Find out how your are doing at brand management compared to your peers. Get your "Return on Relationships" or ROR score. Receive a report with high level insights into what you are doing well and where to turn your attention. 


Calculate your ROI on optimizing your brand experience.  Discover opportunities to increase your sales and profits with customer and team engagement, personalized marketing and AI driven KPI performance management.  


Let us help you connect your brand experience management with a relationship management audit. We'll look at what brand management assets you have in place now, what you need, and how to tie them all together.  We can even be help you identify ways to get more from your IT spend. 

STEP 4 - Plan How to Put the WOW in Your Brand Experience

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Get ready to realize your Return on Relationships with brand strategy workshops that result in a powerful growth project plan.  Then use our templates to get setup for real-time engagement with customers and teams, and KPI performance management. 

STEP 5 - Get Your Relationship Growth Flywheel Spinning!


A series of E-books to guide you step-by-step guides on implementing or optimizing your Relationship Growth Flywheel.  Transform customer and team engagement into higher sales and productivity. Turbo charge your marketing returns. Keep your KPIs on a steady upward trend. 

Want More Support?  Enroll in our Brand Management Mastermind 


Let us be your guide on your path to market domination and exponential growth with Brand Experience management workshops. Strengthen and get alignment on your brand strategy. Optimize your Relationship Growth Flywheel technology. Get recognized as a thought leader in your industry. 

More Resources to Help You Grow

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