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Who Uses Drive CX?

Drive CX is a Customer Experience Management platform for restaurant and retail businesses who want to leverage the power of guest insights to improve the customer experience, drive retention and grow sales.

How much does Drive CX cost?

Drive CX has a pricing plan to fit your business, whether you are a single location restaurant or a multi-location chain.  Start with Drive CX Lite free customized digital comment card, upgrade to our Drive CX Premium small business monthly subscription, or create your custom Drive CX Enterprise solution. See our Product Page for details.

Who benefits most from this type of system?

Drive CX helps expanding restaurants and retail chains with between 5 and 50 locations who need a customer experience management tool to maintain a consistent brand experience as they grow. We tailor our solution to meet the needs of both full service restaurants and quick service restaurants. Drive CX is most effective with restaurant chains who understand that the key to successful expansion is to continually build relationships with their customers and the restaurant teams that serve them.

What does Drive CX do?

The Drive CX platform helps restaurants increase customer and employee satisfaction and engagement. This leads to increased team productivity, improved customer and employee retention and growth in sales and profits.

Drive CX Lite replaces your paper comment cards with a FREE customized digital comment card.

Drive CX Premium captures guest emails and phone numbers to build Customer Relationship Management data that can be used to strengthen relationships for more effective marketing. We engage and empower restaurant teams to continually improve the customer experience and keep guests coming back. We help turn digital comment cards into cash.

Drive CX Enterprise helps companies simplify operations and leverage existing software investments. We bring all your data from customers, team members, marketing and sales into one customer experience management platform. We support you in creating a customer-centric culture with CX management dashboards for Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and location managers.

How does the CX management system work?

Get Insights – Take Actions – Drive Sales

We start by making it easy and safe for customers to tell you what they really think about each experience. The Drive CX platform automatically thanks every customer with a personal message appropriate to their review. We make it easy for Marketing teams to identify high-value guests and send them special incentives to come in more often.

We also ask team members how they would improve the quality of their customers’ experience and what keeps them happy, engaged and efficient in their work. Drive CX will help you identify which team members, menu items and promotions bring people back – and which ones don’t.

We don’t just stop at listening: Drive CX helps team members at all levels understand what specific actions they can take to continually create amazing customer experiences.

How is Drive CX different from the competition?

Drive CX provides you with more than list of customer comments. We help you build a customer-centric culture, by identifying specific actions to increase Customer Lifetime Value. from the ground up as well as from the top down.

Drive CX creates a 360 degree view of the customer experience by looking at the inter-relationships between customer, team and marketing feedback. We help you integrate guest experience management across all departments, creating better alignment between Operations, HR and Marketing.  We’ll help you identify where to focus management attention in order to increase sales.

How does Drive CX turn insights to actions?

The Drive CX system includes a mobile “Guest Action Management system” that alerts managers to poor customer experiences in real-time. Our guest communication platforms make it easy to communicate with customers. Customer service cases are automatically created and “time-tracked” to resolution. You can also acknowledge and reward team members who take actions that bring customers back more often.

Can Drive CX improve social and review rankings?

By capturing customer feedback in real-time, Drive CX enables your team to solve problems before customers leave the business and get on social media. Customers are invited to share their good reviews on social media and popular review sites.

How fast is it to get up and running with Drive CX?

You can create your own custom branded guest comment card in just a few minutes and use that link on your website, social media sites, email outreach or on tablets in billfolds presented with the guest cheque.

Start using other Drive CX communication and management reporting features at your own pace, when you are ready. The Drive CX team will be there to support you.

Why invest in Customer Experience Management?

Consider these facts:

  • It costs 7 x more to attract a new customer than it does to get an existing customer back.
  • 80% of restaurant revenues typically come from 20% of loyal, happy customers.
  • A 5% increase in customer visits can increase profit by up to 75% (BAIN co.)

Happy customers come in more often and spend more!

An effective Customer Experience management system will help you increase top line revenues and profits. Drive CX has a built-in ROI calculator so you can see the impact of CX management on your bottom line. Customer feedback is used to drive customer retention, increase the frequency of customer visits and increase average spend. Team feedback provides a deeper understanding of how to improve the quality of both the customer and the team experience and increase productivity.

How do you measure ROI with Drive CX?

Drive CX measures ROI directly and indirectly. First, we measure the quality of the customer and employee experience as the primary predictor of customer retention. Then we measure the level of customer, team and marketing engagement as the primary “drivers” of team productivity and sales growth. When we combine Sales with CX data, we get a direct ROI measure of Customer Lifetime Value. Drive CX has a built-in Customer Lifetime Value calculator for individual customers and an aggregate of all customers.

What is a 360-degree view of the customer experience?

To get a complete picture of the customer experience, the Drive CX platform collects feedback from customers, team members and marketing campaigns. By bringing all your CX data in one place, the Drive CX platform helps you track the quality of each customer interaction, as well as the overall experience of your brand.

What is relationship between customer and employee engagement and CX?

There is a direct connection between customer and employee engagement. The more we can engage our employees to connect with customers about what would improve their experience, the more we build both customer loyalty and employee retention. In the words of Richard Branson, “Look after your employees and they will look after your customers”.

What about our existing legacy systems?

We believe in the saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Drive CX helps you leverage your legacy systems by consolidating access to your existing systems for your customers, team members and management from one central site.

We make it easy to see your customer data from all sources by consolidating it into a single Drive CX management platform. We help each person in the company, based on their role, identify what specific actions they can take to raise the CX bar.

Does Drive CX work with my other marketing and sales software?

Drive CX work seamlessly with other marketing systems so you can maximize the return on your technology investments. The Drive CX platform can update your marketing outreach programs with new contacts and gather marketing engagement metrics from social platforms and Point of Sale systems. We report on marketing campaign engagement to help you continually improve the ROI on your Marketing spend.

Who is on the Drive CX team?

Drive CX was created for restaurants by restaurateurs. Founder Dale Dubberley created a small chain of restaurants before combining her experience as a technology consultant with challenges she faced as a restaurant owner. The result: Drive CX. Dale is supported by a team with strong restaurant and tech industry experience. Read about Our Team.

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