Reach your peak performance

Operations Optimization with KPI Alerts and Data Driven Actions  (AI)

Turn feedback and data into actions that  optimize productivity. 

 Don't know what fire to fight first?

You are so busy keeping customers and staff  happy, you don't have time to look at the big picture performance data. 

No time to analyze reports and figure out who needs coaching?


Let Drive CX Team Coach organize and prioritize your data so you don't have to.  Get alerted to poor customer and team experiences.  Know when you're about to lose a high value customer or employee.  Coach underperforming team members.

Know where to focus management attention to optimize operations

Spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on insights. Optimize employee  productivity with performance feedback, prioritized action boards and digital coaching.  Deliver insights and data driven actions based on KPI accountabilities by role.  

Our XM platform collects customer, employee, sales and marketing information into one place so we can use the magic of AI to alert you to potential problems.  Take actions to fix issues before they impact brand affinity or your bottom line.


Know when you are going to lose a valued customer, so you can send them a personalized offer based on what they buy.  Know when you are about to lose a valued team member and schedule a meeting to find out how to keep them happy and engaged.  


Get alerts to operational issues that may be impacting marketing efficacy.   Perhaps there is an “out of stock” scenario, an employee that is rude, or a frustrating key business operation – like long lineups at checkout.  Get  insights into what promotions work best for customer groups with different buying habits. 

Digitally coach managers with performance benchmarking and recommended actions to optimize productivity. 

Send personalized KPI performance management alerts by role.  Improve productivity with personal performance feedback and dynamically prioritized action  boards. See top and bottom performing employees, products and promotions by locations, districts and regions. 


Tap into customer and frontline employees insights in real time. Share insights between marketing, operations and HR for powerful collaborations and innovative solutions to problems.  

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  • Real-time performance alerts on your phone

  • Personal performance feedback and prioritized action boards